Best Time to Start Kindergarten

First time my baby went to sleep in a normal hour was something like after year and a half! 18 months we waited for it to come and the secret for that is… kindergarten!!!

Kindergarten as we told from the experts, is one of the early steps in the baby development. It is his first chance to interact with other childrens in his age and it helps prepare him for a future of further progression ahead. Therefore it is essential step that the baby is ready to take the first step.

In some cases, the baby may be ready early and could easily start this amazing experience and in some cases he is going to cry a lot and resist it, but that is for another time. The surprising thing was the radical change, in a good way, that our life got –

Before the kindergarten, our day routine was:

Waking up at 9:00

Playing with him until 15:00

Sleeping time for 2 hours Playing with him until showers

Trying to get him to sleep

Success took place in 22:00

Bad day routine…

Since he got into kindergarten his day got stable:

Waking up at 7:00

Playing until 13:00

Sleeping time for 2 hours

Playing with him until showers

Success sleeping time at 21:00

This was a success! The kindergarten was a great thing for him in many subjects, from Baby Reflex subject to baby safety, but for this article I concentrated in the best time for it.

We always thought that he is not ready yet or he does not need it for now… Excuses from here to the sky, until he showed us that it is a very good time for him to go to kindergarten. While we were at work the nanny kept on him. At first it was easy days for her but after a year our baby started to grow, started to crawl, than walk, than run. If the baby is running – the nanny run after him. Good thing for shape but after a while you get tired, right?

Our baby could not stay in the same place for more than 10 seconds and our nanny told us – IT IS TIME FOR KINDERGARTEN.

Today we know that in our next child – we gonna send ‘him’ or ‘her’ to the kindergarten when he start to walk. We think it is the best time.


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