Popular Information Technology Certification Programs

Before you explore the information technology certification programs, you have to figure out what kind of job you want. Of course, the various programs are tailored for specific types of jobs within IT. This article will discuss some of the popular certification options and provide an overview of the types of jobs you will be qualified for.

Cisco Certification

This certification qualifies you to work on the computer networking infrastructure for large companies. A typical technician with Cisco certification will support networking equipment such as routers, switches, and even telecommunications equipment. You will be responsible for making sure the equipment remains operational, is optimized for performance, is secure, and be a part of equipment upgrades and new projects.

Microsoft Certification

Microsoft certification covers a wide range of technologies ranging from application support, server support, database administration, and even computer programming. This certification consistently ranks among the most sought after IT certifications and is frequently cited as a must have for plethora of different job openings.

For the most part, there is a certification for every single Microsoft product or technology. For most people, we often choose following a path with Microsoft or following a path with Unix. Either way, it is suggested to become an expert at one or the other to narrowly focus your training and certification efforts.


There are quite a few programs that revolve around IT security. You may work on firewalls, network intrusion protection and monitoring, and computer forensics. Care has to be taken to make sure you are going after a reputable certification. There are many out there, but only a few have a good reputation in the industry. Security Certification is consistently one of the fastest growing segments of Information Technology. You may find a job monitoring network security, creating standards for end-users and other IT people, or even doing forensic examinations for law enforcement or IP protection at large companies.


The Oracle certification generally covers all aspects of databases. These certs range from standard DBA work, which is administration and performance monitoring and improvement – To database architecture for some of the most complex databases in the world. Either way you should expect a high job demand, great salary, and unlimited potential to grow your skills and certification levels.


All of the major Unix flavors have certification opportunities. Most of the companies in the world have some Unix servers and the concepts that are learned from a Redhat certification, for example, can be used in many different applications. Most of the products you use every day have some form of Unix operating system. For this reason, these skills and knowledge you get from Unix certification can open a lot of doors with different job opportunities.

The information technology certification programs listed here are always in the top 10 most sought after in the industry. No matter which way you go you should expect a higher than average salary and a lot of job opportunity. The key is to research your options and determine the type of job you want, and then worry about the certification you will have to obtain to get that job. In other words, work backwards and you will end up exactly where you want to be.


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