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How to Get More Involved With Your Kid’s Activities at School

One of the biggest regrets that parents can have is not spending enough time with their kids. This is something that you really need to do while they are young and they still need – and want – you around. Once kids move out and grow up to be independent, they would not really like hanging out with you anymore. So while the kids are still young, you need to take full advantage of the time that you can spend together. How exactly can this feat be accomplished?

Why not get involved with their activities at school? Once they’re already at that age when they start going to school, they will spend more and more time at school than at home. If you want to prolong your moments together or simply get involved more with your child’s life, there are ways that you can join their school-related activities.

Ways to Get More Involved with Your Kid’s School Activities

Remember that the key to getting involved with your child’s school activities is to not do it in an intrusive manner. Let’s say that you simply want to be more aware of what your child is doing on a daily basis at school, joining a group of teachers, parents, school administrators and other key people in the community will give you that much-needed insight. You can also be involved in your kid’s school activities without them thinking that you are being a nosy or intrusive parent.

If you are just beginning to get involved in your child’s school activities, here are a few tips to remember:

• Determine how much time you are willing to be a volunteer parent.
If you’re quite busy at work, do not commit too many hours in volunteering at your kid’s school. Start with something small. If there’s a fair, bake some goodies that you can sell or give to other volunteers. Band recitals, sporting events and similar activities where you can volunteer to do a small part in organizing are good ways to start.

• When you are volunteering at school, make sure your child understands that you’re there to help out – not be a spy.
Most kids will consider their parents being at school as an intrusion instead of something that’s welcome for them. In this case, it would help to tell your kid that you are there only to help out and not be a spy to his or her activities at school. Treat your kid as you would any other kid in the school grounds or better yet, look for a job where you will be more behind the scenes rather than up front.

• Welcome feedback from other parents, the organizers of the school activity and the teachers.
More importantly, do welcome feedback from other volunteers who are helping out with the school activities. You’ll be surprised at how much you will learn from the experience. Not only are you getting involved in your kid’s school activities, but you can be a more active member of the community as well.


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